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GPvNO is a developer and supplier of TCP/IP software and applications. The flagship product of the company is Inet TCP/IP for Windows XP/Vista/7/8, also known as Inet/Winet. More than 75,000 copies of Inet TCP/IP have been sold.


Winet (Terminals, Printing and FTP), IRMA (Remote Management and file distribution), RINET (IPv4/IPv6, TCP, UDP, terminals, printing, FTP, HTTP for 16 and 32 bit embedded systems) […]


You may download any of our products and use it for a trial period of 3 to 6 months to confirm that it works in your environment and to ensure you are suitably impressed before you buy. […]


Formatted printing from legacy systems, electronic distribution of reports, GUI and client/server capabilities onto legacy systems, embedded systems with advanced communications capabilities […]

About GPvNO

GP van Niekerk Ondernemings was established in 1986 as a Close Corporation developing software in the data communications field. One of the first products to be developed was a serial terminal […]


Winet 6.45 released

Merge printing now allows large field counts which caused crashes before. 3270 Colour attributes are now configurable. 3270 Web Server supports Natural file transfer to configurable user folders on the server. OpenSSL version 1.0.2a with bug and security fixes is supplied.

Winet 6.44 released

This is a bug fixing release. Inet3270: Natural file upload record length has been increased from 2K to 5K to cater for long records. The spawning loop when auto starting a misconfigured 3287 printer is now prevented. Inet3270WebServer now supports encrypted connections to mainframe properly. SSL/TLS: SSLv2 and SSLv3 have been removed to prevent the […]

Winet 6.43 released

This is a bug fix release. Problems running on Terminal Server have been resolved. Screen printing adding random characters at the end of lines has been fixed.