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Inet is a range of Terminal Emulators and printing services running on various platforms.

Winet is Inet running on Windows.

Download Winet 6.45 (Windows 7/8 compatible)

Download Winet 6.45 (Windows 7/8 compatible, MSI installer)

InetWeb3270 is a Web server running on Windows allowing the use of Web browsers as the user interface to mainframe applications.

GPvNO is a developer and supplier of TCP/IP software and applications. The flagship product of the company is Inet TCP/IP for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. More than 75,000 copies of Inet TCP/IP have been sold.

Since October 2011 Winet is actively marketed globally via the website Inet/Winet Terminal Emulator.

InetProxy is a range of servers that can act as telnet proxies, routers or gateways. InetProxy servers are often linked to secure biometric solutions on legacy mainframe applications.

RINET and RINET32 are TCP/IP stacks for 16 and 32 bit DOS systems intended for embedded applications. Dual IPv4 and IPv6 operation is available with a BSD Sockets API and a range of applications.

GPvNO is the South African distributor for the Datalight range of embedded operating systems including ROM-DOS, Reliance and FlashFX.

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