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Inet3270 for iPad is a TCP/IP TN3270E terminal emulator running on iPAD devices.

The following are the main features:

Gestures on a setup screen:

Single tap: Select
Tap and hold: Pop up option menu on certain settings

Gestures on a terminal screen:

Single tap: Move caret.
Double tap: Resize terminal screen or keyboard to best fit on screen.
Tap and hold: Start marking.
Pan or scroll: Move terminal screen or keyboard up, down, left or right.
Two finger pan or scroll: Two finger left pan -> history back : Two finger right pan -> history forward.
Pinch : zoom terminal screen or keyboard in and out.

Getting started

The terminal normally starts up with a Sessions screen selected by the Sessions tab at the bottom. You probably got to this Help overview by tapping the Overview tab:

Create a session by tapping the Edit button.

Tap the green + button to add a session:

Enter a name for the session e.g. Session 1.
Tap the Host bar. Enter the DNS name or IP address of the host to connect to and the Port to use. If you need a secure connection, tap the button at the end of the UseSSL/TLS bar.

Tap Ok

Tap Ok

Tap Done

Tap Connect to connect to the mainframe.

Contact information




Telephone: +27 12 803 6501

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