Mainframe Printing Method

(Where do I change my printer settings?)

Normally a user requests a print job from her terminal session, but that does not mean the Winet terminal program will handle print job. There are usually three methods that a mainframe or Unix server can use to get a report or job to print at your PC using Winet.

  1. The print job is sent to the Winet LPD print server program using the selected queue setup.
  2. The print job is sent to the Winet (socket or IP) Print Server program.
  3. The print job is sent to the Winet terminal program (E.g. InetVTx00 or Inet3270) using either

  1. the “80 Column Host Printer” setup (primary or default jobs)
  2. the “132 Column Host Printer” setup (secondary or compressed jobs)
  3. the “RTF Host Printer” setup (when RTF data is detected)

If you need to change something for your printer, you need to change it in the correct Winet program. So you need to know which Winet program receives the print jobs.

The easiest way to find out is to start both InetLPDHID_LPD_OVERVIEW and InetPrintServerHID_PRINTSERVER_OVERVIEW (socket), request a print job, and watch to see which program shows a new job or attempt to print. If the job prints with no activity in either print server, it is most likely your Winet terminal emulator (e.g. InetVTx00 or Inet3270) that has handled it.

Font changes:

Some types of printing don’t support font selections. Only with GDIPrintingTypeGDI (with Use Device Font not selected) and Inet FormatPrintingTypeInet (with Default Font used) you may specify the fonts from within Winet. (See Types of printing used by WinetPrintingTypes for more detail.)

See also some hints on configuring your 3287 printer3287printer.

More at:

Printing general informationPrintingGenInf and Multiple printing configurations (Which printer do I have to set up?) PrintingConfig.

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