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IPv4/IPv6, TCP, UDP, terminals, printing, FTP, HTTP for 16 and 32 bit embedded systems


RINET and RINET32 are dual IPv4/IPv6 stacks that Internet enables embedded systems running DOS.

A comprehensive range of terminal emulators including VT100/220/330, ANSI, SCO ANSI, IBM 3270/8/9/E, IBM 5250/3179, D211, HP700/92, Burroughs T27/TD830/ET1100, Adds VP and Wyse50 are available. A variety of printing options are supported, including LPD/LPR, socket/IP, pass-thru or back printing and session bound 3287.

A number of Application Programmer Intefaces (APIs) are available for writing user programs including BSD Sockets, an FTP API and a Web server extension API for serving dynamic pages.

Main features include:

  • Dual IPv4/IPv6 or single IPv4 or IPv6 stack supporting Internet standards (RFCs) for interworking with the Internet.
  • Telnet terminal emulations with configurable keyboards, colour, 132 column, scripts, printing, etc.
    File transfer protocol servers and clients (FTP and IND$FILE, log and read)
  • Network printing (socket/IP printing, LPR/LPD and 3287 for TN3270E)
  • Web servers and client (HTTP)
  • Packet Driver interface for LAN operation using a wide variety of network adapters.
  • Asyncronous serial support including modem operation (PPP, SLIP and CSLIP) and X.25
  • Remote Console access from Java-enabled browsers, Windows or embedded systems.
  • Built in network monitoring and tracing
  • Network IP routing, gateways (IPv4)

RINET is a resident (TSR) version of the stack for 16 bit operation. RINET provides a built-in socket print server, a transparent socket printing redirector and RFC compliant NetBios. Terminal emulation, FTP client/server, HTTP server and Remote console server can be run using RINET.

RINET32 is a 32 bit stack for use with a 32 bit DOS extender. The stack and applications are contained in a library to be linked with custom application programs. The freeware DJGPP development system based on GCC is used for development.

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