Multiple Printer Configurations

(Which printer do I have to set up?)

Most Winet programs support multiple simultaneous definitions for printers or printer configurations to be used. This allows you to print to different physical printers or locations, or just to print with various settings to the same printer.

Note: Don’t become confused by the two “RTF” options used for “printer” or “type of printingPrintingTypes”. The RTF type of printingPrintingTypeRTF can be selected for any printer configuration. And for the RTF printer configuration you may select any type of printing.

The Winet terminal programs (E.g. InetVTx00 or Inet3270) support 5 printer configurations:

1. 80 Column Screen PrinterHID_SCREEN_PRINTER_SETUP configuration for screen prints while the terminal is in 80 column mode

2. 132 Column Screen PrinterHID_132SCREEN_PRINTER_SETUP configuration for screen prints while the terminal is in any other mode

3. 80 Column Host PrinterHID_1ST_HOST_PRINTER_SETUP configuration for data from the server/host (primary or default jobs, a.k.a. “slave-printer” or “back-printer” or “host printer 1”)

4. 132 Column Host PrinterHID_2ND_HOST_PRINTER_SETUP configuration for data from the server/host (secondary or compressed jobs indicated by escape sequences or modes, a.k.a. “host printer 2”)

5. “RTF Host PrinterHID_RTF_HOST_PRINTER_SETUP configuration for data from the server/host when RTF data is detected.

The Winet (socket or IP) Print Server program supports 2 printer configurations:

1. PrinterHID_PRN_SERV_PRINTER configuration for all non-RTF jobs

2. RTF PrinterHID_PRN_SERV_RTF_PRINTER configuration when RTF data is detected.
An unlimited number of printer configurations are available by using multiple configurationsTermConfiguration of the Print Server listening on different port numbers. See Setting up multiple ports on the InetPrintServerMultiPortSocketPrintServer.

The Winet LPD print server program supports an unlimited number of printer configurations: Each LPD printerLPDterms (queue name) has its own configuration.

See also some hints on configuring your 3287 printer3287printer.

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