At GPvNO we believe in rewarding our customers, making it super affordable for any organization to scale up their Inet/Winet user base.  To that end we use a volume discount tiered pricing system for our Inet/Winet license, effectively decreasing the price per user the greater the number of users in your organization.

Winet License Fees Per User as a % of the single user price
Number of
1-9 100 75
10-19 88 67
20-49 76 57
50-99 66 47
100-199 50 38
200-499 40 30
500-999 31 23
1,000-1,999 24 18
2,000-4,999 18 13
5,000+ 12 9

* Inet/Winet Standard is our complete Terminal Emulation package, containing all terminal emulators for use with any of the supported host types.
** The Lite is an abridged version of the Standard, and contains only the VTX00 in its various configurations (ANSI, SCO-ANSI, DEC VT100, DEC VT220, DEC VT300), FTP, LPD and Print Server.

Software Assurance

GPvNO offers one of the most cost effective Software Assurance (support and upgrade) packages in the industry. All our clients are impressed with the speed and type of support that we supply. Several clients have been with us for many years and can testify to this. We expect to keep price adjustments under the inflation rates to make it easy for our clients to budget for the future.

After the first year (and all subsequent years) Software Assurance can be extended yearly by:

  • purchasing Software Assurance at 15% of the cost of the existing product (at the then current price), or;
  • purchasing an additional number of licenses equal to or in excess of 25% of the current year’s user base.

The Software Assurance entitles users to:

  • All the latest upgrades and bug fixes.
  • Telephonic, e-mail and Internet support.
  • Notification of new releases and bug fixes via e-mail.
  • Fixing of all reported and acknowledged bugs.
  • Bulk discount on purchases of additional Inet licences.
  • The right to request enhancements; which will be implemented if we deem them to be general improvements to the product.
  • Option to upgrade to the remote management facility, IRMA.
  • Direct support on scripts and COM/Automation development.