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Winet (Terminals, Printing and FTP), Inet 3270 for iPad, IRMA (Remote Management and file distribution), RINET (IPv4/IPv6, TCP, UDP, terminals, printing, FTP, HTTP for 16 and 32 bit embedded systems) […]


You may download any of our products and use it for a trial period of 3 to 6 months to confirm that it works in your environment and to ensure you are suitably impressed before you buy. […]


Formatted printing from legacy systems, electronic distribution of reports, GUI and client/server capabilities onto legacy systems, embedded systems with advanced communications capabilities […]

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GP van Niekerk Ondernemings was established in 1986 as a Close Corporation developing software in the data communications field. One of the first products to be developed was a serial terminal […]


Winet 6.55 released

Update notes:

  1. All applications now support IPv6 and Unicode.
  2. InetVtx00 handling of keypad application mode and cursor mode has been fixed.
  3. Window scrolling has been fixed.
  4. Various minor bugs have been fixed.
  5. A non-standard script engine can be specified on the command line.
  6. The help file has been updated.

Winet 6.54 released

Update notes:

  1. Terminal emulators: An alternate host and port can be specified for the case that a connection fails.
    This is done in the Setup>Autoconnect dialog box. If it is set up, it will try the alternate connection
    whether Auto connect is set or not.
  2. OpenSSL 1.1.1b is supported.
  3. It is possible to start a terminal emulator with the keyboard disabled, requiring the EmulatorProcessKeyboard
    property to be set. Contact support@gpvno.co.za for more details.
  4. The Help file has been updated.

Winet 6.53 released

Update notes:

1. Terminal emulators: The HTTP proxy functionality was fixed.
2. 3270 Web Server: The HTTP proxy functionality was fixed. Proxy sessions are managed like Web sessions.
The Javascript files were updated to work with new browsers that removed some old functions.
The Java applet was removed from the menus for security reasons, but the files are still available.
3. The Help system was updated. More information about Registry usage is included.
4. InetVTx00 configurations were cleaned up.
5. OpenSSL 1.1.0h is supported.
6. Services don’t log Interrogate events any longer.