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Winet (Terminals, Printing and FTP), Inet 3270 for iPad, IRMA (Remote Management and file distribution), RINET (IPv4/IPv6, TCP, UDP, terminals, printing, FTP, HTTP for 16 and 32 bit embedded systems) […]


You may download any of our products and use it for a trial period of 30 days to confirm that it works in your environment and to ensure you are suitably impressed before you buy.  If you are a licensed user and your Software Assurance is up to date, you can update your current version.[…]


Formatted printing from legacy systems, electronic distribution of reports, GUI and client/server capabilities onto legacy systems, embedded systems with advanced communications capabilities […]

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GP van Niekerk Ondernemings was established in 1986 as a Close Corporation developing software in the data communications field. One of the first products to be developed was a serial terminal […]


Winet 6.64 released

  1. Improvements to License Server.
  2. Improvements to IrmaServer.
  3. Improvements to IrmaClient.
  4. Fix problems for different time zones.
  5. Fix “Failed to create empty document” for certain time zones
  6. Fix tooltip in system tray.
  7. Fix Inet3270 SCS printing bug (resource leak introduced in Winet 6.59). This was already fixed in version 6.62

Winet 6.60 released

  1. Improvement to the License Server.
  2. Web Server enhancements:
    1. You can automate the login to the Web Server by logging in once and making a shortcut. The shortcut connects directly to the host. It does not reveal the password.
    2. The browser session now supports the 3270 alarm function. It can be turned off in the configuration.
  3. OpenSSL 1.1.1k is supported.

Winet 6.59 released

  1. Inet3270WebServer is now a 64-bit program.
  2. Inet3270 NFT setup can be better customised to save memory for WebServer usage.
  3. OpenSSL 1.1.1i is supported.
  4. Many bugs have been fixed.