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Winet (Terminals, Printing and FTP), Inet 3270 for iPad, IRMA (Remote Management and file distribution), RINET (IPv4/IPv6, TCP, UDP, terminals, printing, FTP, HTTP for 16 and 32 bit embedded systems) […]


You may download any of our products and use it for a trial period of 30 days to confirm that it works in your environment and to ensure you are suitably impressed before you buy.  If you are a licensed user and your Software Assurance is up to date, you can update your current version.[…]


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GP van Niekerk Ondernemings was established in 1986 as a Close Corporation developing software in the data communications field. One of the first products to be developed was a serial terminal […]


Winet 6.67 released

  1. Fix screenshot for windows with shaded borders.
  2. Optimize memory and disk space for License Server.
  3. Release 64bit versions of License Server and Irma Server.
  4. New automation methods and events.
  5. Fix Help/About dialog.
  6. Fix Busy obtaining license dialog.
  7. License Server can be configured to cause warning messages at clients with a version below a set value.
  8. License Server can be configured to prevent mainframe connections at clients with a version below a set value.
  9. Inet3270WebServer truncating TLS downloads has been fixed.
  10. Irma Server reporting file has been fixed.
  11. Telnet failure when reconnecting has been fixed.
  12. Fix auto reconnect.

Winet 6.66 released

  1. Improvements to License Server.
    In addition to managing licenses, it also acts as an Application monitor by logging events
    containing information on type of event, destination host and port, LU assigned and number of events.
    Event types include Program start, Connected, Connection closed, TCP error, Telnet error and Program closed.
    Refer to the Help system for more information.
    A fallback License server is supported.
  2. OpenSSL version 3.1.2 is supported.
  3. Error messages have been improved offering more details and suggested solutions to problems.
  4. Email sent from error messages now requires one or more email addressses for local support personnel in addition to support@gpvno.co.za.
  5. 3287PrintService not supporting secure connections has been fixed.
  6. IRMA client and server have been impoved.
  7. Inet3270 Load Programmed Symbols implemented for screen printing.
  8. Screen printing fixed
  9. Inet3270 Natural file transfer binary upload fixed.

Winet 6.65 released

  1. OpenSSL 3.0.7 is supported.
  2. 3270 Load Programmed Symbols implemented.
  3. Improvements to License Server.
  4. Improvements to IrmaServer.
  5. Improvements to IrmaClient.
  6. Improvements to Inet3287PrintService
  7. Macro recording for the 3270 emulation is enabled without a special license.
    Keys in hidden fields will not be recorded.
  8. The “NotifyKeybord” property is the only script property that is disabled without a special license.
  9. Improvements to 3270 emulator.