Does Winet3270 Work in a VPN Environment?

A malicious rumour has been doing the rounds that the Winet 3270 emulation does not work in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) environment.

The rumour is untrue and Winet3270 does indeed work very well in a VPN environment.

Let us examine the facts:

To access a mainframe situated outside a VPN from a TCP/IP workstation or printer inside the VPN requires a Network Translation Unit between the VPN and the TCP/IP network on the mainframe or an SNA gateway situated inside the VPN connecting directly to the mainframe via a DLC or IP-DLC connection. For more efficient operation it is recommended that the 3270 emulator in the workstation fully supports the TN3270E protocol specified in RFC 2355.

Winet3270 fully supports the TN3270E protocol and has been tested and demonstrated using a Microsoft® HIS gateway. It has also been demonstrated using an Attachmate® 3270 gateway.

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