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Does Winet3270 Work in a VPN Environment?

A malicious rumour has been doing the rounds that the Winet 3270 emulation does not work in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) environment.

The rumour is untrue and Winet3270 does indeed work very well in a VPN environment.

Let us examine the facts:

To access a mainframe situated outside a VPN from a TCP/IP workstation or printer inside the VPN requires a Network Translation Unit between the VPN and the TCP/IP network on the mainframe or an SNA gateway situated inside the VPN connecting directly to the mainframe via a DLC or IP-DLC connection. For more efficient operation it is recommended that the 3270 emulator in the workstation fully supports the TN3270E protocol specified in RFC 2355.

Winet3270 fully supports the TN3270E protocol and has been tested and demonstrated using a Microsoft® HIS gateway. It has also been demonstrated using an Attachmate® 3270 gateway.

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Winet 6.14 Released

Winet and Biometric Authentication

We are now able to supply terminal emulators that are linked to biometric authentication hardware like fingprint scanners. This has been used in a nation wide roll out.

Winet and VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Winet does work with VPNs. See our FAQ page.

New release of Winet Terminals and Printing

Winet 6.14 was released on 28 March 2006. This version has been stable and was tested for some months before the formal release. It is the formal version of Winet 6.13 that has been installed at selected customers for some months and has been used in a big nation wide rollout for one of our customers.

New features in Winet

  • Custom printer definitions gives much more flexibility in implementing formatted printing on legacy systems.
  • A Screenshot option on the File menu to capture the screen(s) to graphic or text files. It allows you to auto capture screens to unique filenames or to append to a text file.
  • Custom programmable buttons may be added to the toolbar and a new button-bar. This allows a whole new level of customization and is very easy to set up.
  • Hidden/lost windows: If the window was moved out of screen, Winet resizes it to middle of screen.
  • Auto reconnect (when your connection was lost) has more options.
  • All menu commands are now mappable to keyboard shortcuts.
  • Automation (for script development) has been expanded with a few very usful new faetures.
  • Diagnostics to solve configuration problems has been expanded.
  • Winet shall now display the conflicting IP address if “too many copies” are running. This will assist you to find the PC using a wrong licence file or to locate additional Winet installations.
  • A number of bug fixes were also done.