Winet 6.09 Released

Some new Features and Improvements…

Much Enhanced Printing Options

  • Screen prints can be formatted and customized.
  • Print more than 1 screen per page.
  • Add banner pages, headers and footers to any print job.
  • Bold and underline via overtyping on legacy systems now supported.
  • Printing to files: The user can be prompted for a filename.
  • The 3287 printer auto-detect rich text jobs.

On the Terminal Emulators

  • Auto reconnect is a new option.
  • New full screen commandline option.
  • Screen colours can be modified via the improved palette editing user interface.
  • Auto font size for the terminal screen.
  • A few South African characters were fixed in the Inet fonts.
  • 3270 Natural file download and upload improved.
  • New automation methods.
  • New InetLPDService.exe allows the LPD server to run as a service.