Winet 6.11 Released

Bug-fix Release of Winet Terminals and Printing

Winet 6.11 was quickly released on 4 February 2005 to fix a printing bug in version 6.10.
If you don’t notice funny new line breaks in your printing, you are most probably not affected.

New Features in Winet

Sometimes your operators need to modify a report/letter slightly before printing. Winet offers the option to open your reports in MSWord before printing them. The Help facility and Merge printing examples have been updated since 6.10.
(Stop Press: The Merge printing method will report an error if the vertical bar character (| 0x7C in hex) appears in your print data. A patch is available if you want to test Merge


IRMA 6.06 beta available for testing since Oct. 2003. IRMA (Inet Remote Manager Application) is a suite of programs to allow system administrator to update and maintain software automatically on many client PCs. It also allows for data distribution and executing of commands remotely. Please contact me if you are interested in testing IRMA.