Winet 6.34 Released

Windows 7 Compatible

While it is true that the news has not been updated for five years, development has been going ahead all the time.

Apart from many bug fixes and minor improvements, the following features, listed in time order, have been added:

  • Macro recording and assigning interfaces. It is now much easier to create macros, and a simple interface offers you many ways to play them back.
  • A custom drop-down menu has been added for your own definitions.
  • Hotspots for 3270 terminals: An interface is provided to switch on various hot spots on your 3270 terminals, as well as to create your own custom ones. Previously it was only available via scripts.
  • New Tools menu item – New user interface to view/edit the toolbar items.
  • Added Right-Click functions to many terminal facilities.
  • Support Windows 7 including 64 bit version.
  • New HTML based Help system.
  • Inet true-type fonts: InetCons and InetCourier including South African language symbols.
  • New menu item “File>Create Shortcut”
  • Http proxy connections.
  • New interface to select special characters.
  • 3270: Natural Report Download.  Natural file uploads can handle both ANSI and UTF-8 encoded files.
  • Multiple translation tables with user interface. Translation table 4 implements IBM EBCDIC CodePage 037 using ANSI CodePage 1252. Translation table 5 implements IBM CodePage 1047 using ANSI CodePage 1252
  • Latest OpenSSL version 1.0.0d