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Printing is one of Winet’s strongest points. We supply both robust printing methods and highly configurable options to accommodate the widest variety of needs expressed by our clients. The printing is not a case of “one size fits all”. Therefore it would be very valuable for a system administrator or support person to read through this whole section.

  • No printer installed
  • Stand alone print servers:
    • LPD/LPR – Popular printing method (from the Unix world)
    • Print Server (Socket printing) – a.k.a. IP printing
    • 3287 printer3287printer – for session bound printing from an IBM mainframe
  • Developer’s notes on formatted printing
    • Merge printing for developers of formatted printing
    • RTF notes for developers of formatted printing
    • Inet Format escape sequences for developers of formatted printing

Winet 6.10 Released

This upgrade is free to all users on maintenance and those who bought Winet less than 12 months ago.

Merge printing is a total new concept in formatting legacy printing! This is the easiest method to specify the full formatting of a report using a PC word processor. It works similar to “mail merge” where a template document is created with fields.

A merge file is a template that can be created in any wysiwyg interactive word processor supporting the Rich Text Format (like MS Word). The data to be printed will replace the field indicators in the document. The merge template document may include graphics, forms and additional stationary data.