Winet 6.48 released

Update notes.

1. Winet contains useful facilities that can lead to passwords being revealed. They are Tracing, Macros and Scripts. All of these can be protected by using registry access policies that disallow unauthorised users from misusing it.
Certain users don’t want to implement registry access policies and the following changes have been made to accommodate them:

1.1. The network traffic portion of traces are now encrypted using strong encryption with a key protected by a secret password. Only GPvNO can decrypt it for support purposes. If a user wants to view it, the trace file needs to be sent to GPvNO who will decrypt and send it back to the user after verifying the authorisation level of the user. If the user does not want GPvNO to have access to passwords, the trace
must only be started after a password has been entered.

1.2. The macro recording facility can only be used if the user license (!) allows it.

1.3. The NotifyKeyboard property is set to “disabled” when starting and can only be set to “enabled” when licensed as in 2. This ensures that the OnKeyboard event can’t be used.

1.4. The GetString method can only be used if licensed as in 2.

2. The update code to update the license file (!) can also change the number of users.

3. A number of possible vulnerabilities has been eliminated.

4. Certain malfunctioning anti-virus programs could lead to a connection being reset the first time that Winet starts up with auto connect. Winet solves this problem by re-trying the connection several times before giving an error.

5. Special (diacritical) characters can be entered by typing a key to display the Special Character dialog at a position relevant to the key e.g. typing “Ctrl e” shows all the diacritical forms of “e” like ë, é, è, ê, etc. allowing you to select the correct one. The “Ctrl e” key must be set up in the keyboard mapping dialog by selecting “Special key dialog*” as the key and adding the “e” in the Text field.

6. 3270 fixes:

6.1. If a UTF-8 file with a Byte Order Mark is uploaded using NFT the BOM is removed.
6.2. If data was received while viewing a history screen, that screen was corrupted. That has been fixed.
6.3. 3270 data stream printing is now properly implemented.

7. SSH
The SSH implementation has been updated to support more secure algorithms. This version is based on the PUTTY v 0.67 code.