Winet 6.49 released

Update notes

1. The Winet install program has been updated to make a clear distinction between
Complete and Compact setup. Note that certain modules e.g. Inet3270Web server can
only be installed by using the Custom setup.

2. When a Custom Install (not to be confused with the Custome Setup above) is done
by having a CUSTOM folder in the same location as the install file, the current folder
will be in a temporary location. To set the current folder to the default location of
C:\Winet\custom, use the following line in CUSTOM.BAT:
cd /d %1

3. The Microsoft “Print to PDF” driver is faulty which used to crash Winet when using
this printer as the default printer. Winet now handles the problem.

4. The model number for legacy 3270 terminals (non-TN3270E) has been properly implemented.

5. The model number for 3270 terminals is now properly reported in a Partition Query command.

6. Cursor blinking has been improved. Previously a slow setting for the blink rate in
Windows could lead to the cursor not blinking at all.