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Winet 6.40 Released

Unicode Support

3270, 5250 and VTx00 now support Unicode fonts for display and printing of all available glyphs.

3270 Enhancements

3270 support for viewing configurable number of history screens. Copying from and printing of a history screen is possible.

VTx00 Enhancements

  • VTx00 can be configured as a UTF-8 terminal.
  • VT double height/double width characters supported.
  • VT code pages properly implemented.
  • Many more sequences implemented and all sequences documented.


Improvements for better handling of colors, overlays and devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Winet 6.39 Released

Web3270 Updated

Resizable fonts, more function buttons, better keyboard handling and a tool to enter special characters have been implemented.

3287 Multiple Printer Print Services Released

The 3287 print service can handle multiple 3287 print sessions simultaneously. The service is controlled by a GUI program on the server and can be monitored by multiple clients on remote machines.

T27 Printer Print Through Implemented

Winet 6.38 Released

Web3270 is a program suite enabling the use of standard browsers as the user interface to a mainframe computer. This is accomplished with a special Windows Web server, Inet3270WebServer, that connects multiple sessions to multiple mainframes and serves the 3270 screens to browser sessions using the AJAX protocol. This system eases the roll-out of 3270 terminal emulators considerably.

Winet 6.35 Released

IRMA – Inet Remote Management Application

IRMA is a product to update Winet and other application software automatically over the Internet. The main purpose of IRMA is to roll out Winet updates and configuration changes automatically without having to visit workstations physically, thereby saving manpower and time. It can also be used to roll out or update any application software.

The Winet help file has been updated to reflect additions since Winet 6.31 including documentation for the user side of IRMA.

Winet 6.34 Released

Windows 7 Compatible

While it is true that the news has not been updated for five years, development has been going ahead all the time.

Apart from many bug fixes and minor improvements, the following features, listed in time order, have been added:

  • Macro recording and assigning interfaces. It is now much easier to create macros, and a simple interface offers you many ways to play them back.
  • A custom drop-down menu has been added for your own definitions.
  • Hotspots for 3270 terminals: An interface is provided to switch on various hot spots on your 3270 terminals, as well as to create your own custom ones. Previously it was only available via scripts.
  • New Tools menu item – New user interface to view/edit the toolbar items.
  • Added Right-Click functions to many terminal facilities.
  • Support Windows 7 including 64 bit version.
  • New HTML based Help system.
  • Inet true-type fonts: InetCons and InetCourier including South African language symbols.
  • New menu item “File>Create Shortcut”
  • Http proxy connections.
  • New interface to select special characters.
  • 3270: Natural Report Download.  Natural file uploads can handle both ANSI and UTF-8 encoded files.
  • Multiple translation tables with user interface. Translation table 4 implements IBM EBCDIC CodePage 037 using ANSI CodePage 1252. Translation table 5 implements IBM CodePage 1047 using ANSI CodePage 1252
  • Latest OpenSSL version 1.0.0d

Winet 6.14 Released

Winet and Biometric Authentication

We are now able to supply terminal emulators that are linked to biometric authentication hardware like fingprint scanners. This has been used in a nation wide roll out.

Winet and VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Winet does work with VPNs. See our FAQ page.

New release of Winet Terminals and Printing

Winet 6.14 was released on 28 March 2006. This version has been stable and was tested for some months before the formal release. It is the formal version of Winet 6.13 that has been installed at selected customers for some months and has been used in a big nation wide rollout for one of our customers.

New features in Winet

  • Custom printer definitions gives much more flexibility in implementing formatted printing on legacy systems.
  • A Screenshot option on the File menu to capture the screen(s) to graphic or text files. It allows you to auto capture screens to unique filenames or to append to a text file.
  • Custom programmable buttons may be added to the toolbar and a new button-bar. This allows a whole new level of customization and is very easy to set up.
  • Hidden/lost windows: If the window was moved out of screen, Winet resizes it to middle of screen.
  • Auto reconnect (when your connection was lost) has more options.
  • All menu commands are now mappable to keyboard shortcuts.
  • Automation (for script development) has been expanded with a few very usful new faetures.
  • Diagnostics to solve configuration problems has been expanded.
  • Winet shall now display the conflicting IP address if “too many copies” are running. This will assist you to find the PC using a wrong licence file or to locate additional Winet installations.
  • A number of bug fixes were also done.

Winet 6.11 Released

Bug-fix Release of Winet Terminals and Printing

Winet 6.11 was quickly released on 4 February 2005 to fix a printing bug in version 6.10.
If you don’t notice funny new line breaks in your printing, you are most probably not affected.

New Features in Winet

Sometimes your operators need to modify a report/letter slightly before printing. Winet offers the option to open your reports in MSWord before printing them. The Help facility and Merge printing examples have been updated since 6.10.
(Stop Press: The Merge printing method will report an error if the vertical bar character (| 0x7C in hex) appears in your print data. A patch is available if you want to test Merge


IRMA 6.06 beta available for testing since Oct. 2003. IRMA (Inet Remote Manager Application) is a suite of programs to allow system administrator to update and maintain software automatically on many client PCs. It also allows for data distribution and executing of commands remotely. Please contact me if you are interested in testing IRMA.

Winet 6.10 Released

This upgrade is free to all users on maintenance and those who bought Winet less than 12 months ago.

Merge printing is a total new concept in formatting legacy printing! This is the easiest method to specify the full formatting of a report using a PC word processor. It works similar to “mail merge” where a template document is created with fields.

A merge file is a template that can be created in any wysiwyg interactive word processor supporting the Rich Text Format (like MS Word). The data to be printed will replace the field indicators in the document. The merge template document may include graphics, forms and additional stationary data.

Winet 6.09 Released

Some new Features and Improvements…

Much Enhanced Printing Options

  • Screen prints can be formatted and customized.
  • Print more than 1 screen per page.
  • Add banner pages, headers and footers to any print job.
  • Bold and underline via overtyping on legacy systems now supported.
  • Printing to files: The user can be prompted for a filename.
  • The 3287 printer auto-detect rich text jobs.

On the Terminal Emulators

  • Auto reconnect is a new option.
  • New full screen commandline option.
  • Screen colours can be modified via the improved palette editing user interface.
  • Auto font size for the terminal screen.
  • A few South African characters were fixed in the Inet fonts.
  • 3270 Natural file download and upload improved.
  • New automation methods.
  • New InetLPDService.exe allows the LPD server to run as a service.