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Winet 6.11 Released

Bug-fix Release of Winet Terminals and Printing

Winet 6.11 was quickly released on 4 February 2005 to fix a printing bug in version 6.10.
If you don’t notice funny new line breaks in your printing, you are most probably not affected.

New Features in Winet

Sometimes your operators need to modify a report/letter slightly before printing. Winet offers the option to open your reports in MSWord before printing them. The Help facility and Merge printing examples have been updated since 6.10.
(Stop Press: The Merge printing method will report an error if the vertical bar character (| 0x7C in hex) appears in your print data. A patch is available if you want to test Merge


IRMA 6.06 beta available for testing since Oct. 2003. IRMA (Inet Remote Manager Application) is a suite of programs to allow system administrator to update and maintain software automatically on many client PCs. It also allows for data distribution and executing of commands remotely. Please contact me if you are interested in testing IRMA.

Winet 6.10 Released

This upgrade is free to all users on maintenance and those who bought Winet less than 12 months ago.

Merge printing is a total new concept in formatting legacy printing! This is the easiest method to specify the full formatting of a report using a PC word processor. It works similar to “mail merge” where a template document is created with fields.

A merge file is a template that can be created in any wysiwyg interactive word processor supporting the Rich Text Format (like MS Word). The data to be printed will replace the field indicators in the document. The merge template document may include graphics, forms and additional stationary data.

Winet 6.09 Released

Some new Features and Improvements…

Much Enhanced Printing Options

  • Screen prints can be formatted and customized.
  • Print more than 1 screen per page.
  • Add banner pages, headers and footers to any print job.
  • Bold and underline via overtyping on legacy systems now supported.
  • Printing to files: The user can be prompted for a filename.
  • The 3287 printer auto-detect rich text jobs.

On the Terminal Emulators

  • Auto reconnect is a new option.
  • New full screen commandline option.
  • Screen colours can be modified via the improved palette editing user interface.
  • Auto font size for the terminal screen.
  • A few South African characters were fixed in the Inet fonts.
  • 3270 Natural file download and upload improved.
  • New automation methods.
  • New InetLPDService.exe allows the LPD server to run as a service.

Winet 6.06 Released

Some new features and improvements:

  • InetFont now has larger fonts optimized for 1024×768 screens.
  • Many improvements have been made to the 3270 and 5250 ranges of terminal emulators.
  • The FTP client has been expanded with support for more types of servers and internal mget and mput commands.
  • More script examples are included.
  • Expanded Help facility.
  • Printing from the terminal emulators now possible via script/automation (see PrintScreen.bas).
  • Improved graphical display of keyboard mappings.

Winet 6.04 Released

Many new features have been added:

  • Inet3270 adds the IND$FILE file transfer protocol for IBM mainframes.
  • Inet5250 emulation had major improvements and was expanded to include more structures and facilities.
  • Direct printing allows you to add static header and footer files with data or commands to be sent to the printer before and/or after print jobs. It can be used similar to mail merge or template applications.
  • The Copy&Paste in terminals now include an AutoCopy option that will automatically put marked text in the clipboard.
  • Inet3270 adds “session bound” or SCS printing for the 3287-printer with improved setup facilities. When opening an Inet3270 terminal it can automatically load and connect the 3287 printer.
  • For additional security, the following facilities may be disabled by system managers in terminal emulators: All drop down menus, the toolbar (or only selected buttons on the toolbar), the right-click menu, Copy, Paste, ScreenPrint (not the Windows PrintScreen), Write Log, Trace, Script and Read input file.
  • Lots of small improvements in the user interface and a few bug fixes.