Winet 6.06 Released

Some new features and improvements:

  • InetFont now has larger fonts optimized for 1024×768 screens.
  • Many improvements have been made to the 3270 and 5250 ranges of terminal emulators.
  • The FTP client has been expanded with support for more types of servers and internal mget and mput commands.
  • More script examples are included.
  • Expanded Help facility.
  • Printing from the terminal emulators now possible via script/automation (see PrintScreen.bas).
  • Improved graphical display of keyboard mappings.

Winet 6.04 Released

Many new features have been added:

  • Inet3270 adds the IND$FILE file transfer protocol for IBM mainframes.
  • Inet5250 emulation had major improvements and was expanded to include more structures and facilities.
  • Direct printing allows you to add static header and footer files with data or commands to be sent to the printer before and/or after print jobs. It can be used similar to mail merge or template applications.
  • The Copy&Paste in terminals now include an AutoCopy option that will automatically put marked text in the clipboard.
  • Inet3270 adds “session bound” or SCS printing for the 3287-printer with improved setup facilities. When opening an Inet3270 terminal it can automatically load and connect the 3287 printer.
  • For additional security, the following facilities may be disabled by system managers in terminal emulators: All drop down menus, the toolbar (or only selected buttons on the toolbar), the right-click menu, Copy, Paste, ScreenPrint (not the Windows PrintScreen), Write Log, Trace, Script and Read input file.
  • Lots of small improvements in the user interface and a few bug fixes.